Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dating a fat chick

On the free site where I have one of my profiles there is an interesting forum that I like to visit.

The forum has categories such as Dating and Love, Dating and Sex, dating over 35, dating over 50, etc. I notice that some men complain that the women on this dating site just post profiles to get an ego boost, that they aren't serious about dating. Men complain that half of the time their emails are read but never answered, or that the women are players. (that's a switch!)

Women complain that men do disappearing acts after a few chats, emails or dates. Other complaints are that people lie, put old pictures on, become stalkers, and are married.

But my favorite posts are the fat chick posts.

Here are some examples...

Yeah its a shallow but i'm not attracted to fat girls so keep the hate to your self! And all I get contacted by are girls of the larger caliber...

Can you help figure this one out? Why does my profile attract fat girls?

Here's another...

Oh, and the BBW dating sites are deceiving. I thought I qualified and tried to sign up, and quickly realized that I was out of my league. I needed a few more cheeseburgers before I fit in.


The biggest political correctness farce is how obese women have started calling themselves BBW - Big Beautiful Woman. Somewhere somehow there grew a myth that there is an entire segment of the male population - purported to be in the number of gazillions - that live their lives in pursuit fat chicks. Urban legend and hogwash. No guy likes an unhealthy chick.

And finally,

Men would you rather date a woman with a Thin body and ugly face or an Overweight woman with a pretty face?? It seems to me that men will date the ugliest woman as long as she has a Barbie doll figure. Whats your opinion? (loved this answer...gotta go with the over weight girl. even if you like skinny girls an over weight girl can loose weight, but an ugly girl is ugly forever. lol :)

Being a large/BBW/fat/chubby/chunky/overweight/full-figured/fat woman myself, these posts intrigue me. Since they are not directed to me personally, but are more of a comment on all the fat people in the world, i don't really care. In fact, I'm so blunt when I start answering emails, it's one of the things I remind them of. "Did you see my picture," "You don't mind dating big girls?"

I'm not going to waste any one's time by lying about my body. I don't tell how much I weigh, because that can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. But, I want to get that out of the way.
I'm currently talking to a man who lives up north. We've hit it off and have great chemistry and a lot in common. After reminding him of my size, he questioned why I felt I was big. I asked him if he ever dated a large women. He said yes, once he dated a girl who weighed about 160 pounds. When he told me that, I almost fell over.

"160 pounds, " I exclaimed,.."If I weighed 160 pounds I would be beating the men off of me with a stick. I would be a hot mama. I would walk around in a bikini. (Hell, I'd walk around naked!)

I told my long distance friend that I'm well over 160 pounds and then had an anxiety attack! I'm going to take some more pictures of myself in a pair of jeans and a shirt, and another in a dressy outfit and mail them to him tomorrow. He has said at this point he doesn't care, but who knows. I'll be able to tell if it bothers him if the phone calls stop coming!

I've been overweight for thirty years, lost 80 pounds, gained, lost, gained. I'm losing again at this point in my life, but I have a long way to go. I guess I'm not going to wait around till I'm perfect to start dating.

I receive a lot of emails each week from men, so apparently they are attracted to me, or else think I'm easy cause I'm large. They are so wrong. There is no desperation here. They can either like me the way I am (and stick around for the weight loss) or they can just hit the skinny highway!

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