Thursday, December 3, 2009

Am I getting too picky in my old age?

The fact that I haven't posted in a month doesn't mean my dating experiences have come to a screeching halt. It's just the contrary, in fact. I've been going out so much I haven't had time to blog.

First things first. Don't be jealous. Each date I go on is an adventure in confusion, excitement, doubt, anticipation, frustration, hope and disappointment. Not necessarily in that order, except the end, disappointment. I would much rather have a significant other to love and cherish me. But, until that happens, I need to keep fishing in this sea of men.

There is something I've discovered about myself though that interests me. I think I'm getting fussier as I get older. I used to joke that my criteria for finding a man was to be clean, have a job and have all his teeth.

But I've broadened that criteria a bit. For instance, I can't tolerate smoking. I don't want to be around someone who lights up a cigarette, pipe or pot. I also don't want to date someone who abuses alcohol. A few drinks is fine, but I don't want to watch the transformation of a sober man into a drunk. I refuse to.

I don't care too much for ignorance either. The type of ignorance I'm speaking of is not if he's book smart or schooled (bonus) but if he is ignorant about life, people, cultures, etc. Someone whom I'm dating and am attracted to has shown his bigoted side. This really bothers me. Another man uses the most politically incorrect terminology to describe ethnic food and people that I think I'm out on a date with Archie Bunker.

I can't handle liars or braggers. If a man spends 1/2 hour talking about how many watches he owns and how much each one costs, then he is too superficial for me.

A lot of men my age ride Harleys, which I have no intention of climbing on, so that eliminates about 50% of the population of single men.

If I'm out with a man, he needs to focus his attention on me. Checking out other women and making little comments shows me how little he respects me. When that happens, I can feel myself turning into ice.

I've also found that I want someone who just wants me and that's where this task becomes difficult. Sometimes I click with a man and he clicks with me, but it's never enough for the two of us. Due to the bounty of single people on line, I believe that we all are looking for something better to appear. So even if we find someone we like and get along with, sometimes it's not enough.

I know I can't have someone in my life just to have someone in my life. It's got to be deeper, more meaningful and lasting. I'd rather be alone or just continue this dating game. As I've said before, I'm not ready to turn into the crazy cat lady just yet. I do have hope that I'll find the man that's good for me.

Notice how I did not say the perfect man. He doesn't exist, nor does the perfect woman. I understand that completely and so I don't really care about looks as much as I do about personality. If he drives an older car, I don't care. His profession doesn't matter to me either, as long as he supports himself. He needs to be honest, funny, and romantic. His hands need to be clean and he has to smell good.

As for the teeth, he has to have at least most of them.

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